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Karatina University Regional and Global Footprints

S/NoNameNature of EventCountry VisitedPhysical/VirtualYear of the EventSponsor Agency, self or KARU
1.Prof. Linus Muthuri GitongaPrivateUAEPhysical2019Self
2.Prof. Linus Muthuri GitongaPrivateBritain/UKPhysical2022Self
3.Prof. Linus Muthuri GitongaConferenceRwandaPhysical2022KARU
4.Prof. Richard KiaiAACSB Deans Conference in BarcelonaBarcelonaPhysical2024 (Awaiting the date)Agency
5.Prof. Richard KiaiTennessee University – TrainingUSAVirtual2023Agency
6.Prof. Richard KiaiZhangzhou College of Science and Technology – TrainingChinaVirtual2023Agency
7.Prof. Richard KiaiTennessee University – TrainingUSAVirtual2022Agency
8.Prof. Richard KiaiRegional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture- ConsultancyUgandaVirtual2022Agency
9.Prof. Richard KiaiUniversity of Cologne - DIES (Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies) program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK)- TrainerGermanyVirtual2022Agency
10.Prof. Richard KiaiUniversity of California - Davis Conferece on Tea- ParticipantCalifornia, USAVirtual2022Agency
11.Prof. Richard KiaiDAAD - Training on Reproducibility In Scientific Research East Africa Boot Camp – TrainerGermanyVirtual2021Agency
12.Prof. Richard KiaiDAAD - Knowledge production new frontiers: rebuilding academic communities East Africa Workshop - TrainerGermanyVirtual2021Agency
13.Prof. Richard KiaiZhangzhou College of Science and Technology – TrainingChinaPhysical2019Agency
14.Prof. Richard KiaiAfrican Science Frontiers Initiatives – Training FacilitationGhanaVirtual2021Agency
15.Prof. Richard KiaiArusha Technical College - Online Facilitation Skills to Colleges and Universities’ Lecturers in East AfricaTanzaniaVirtual2021Agency
16.Prof. Richard KiaiDePUK- ConferenceGermanyVirtual2021Agency
17.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriKenya Universities Quality Assurance Network (KuQAn) trainingMachakos KenyaPhysical2023
18.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriAlternate Reviewer of the Partners for University-Led Solutions Engine (LASER PULSE)Purdue University- USAID Minority Serving Institutions (MSI)2022
19.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriStrategic Leadership Development Program (SLDP)Kenya School of Government (No. 183 June, 2019), Nairobi Kenya2019
20.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriLeadership Training course for Higher Education Institution managers (DIES-HEI)Karatina University2018
21.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriNational Multiplication Training workshops (NMT) I &II. Training of Deans and Directors on Quality Leadership and Management of Higher Education InstitutionsKaratina and Masinde Muliro Universities2018Funded by DAAD-Germany
22.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriRegional Higher Education Institutions Research Dissemination WorkshopArusha Tanzania2017Funded by EU-EDULINK
23.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriInternational DAAD-Alumni-Seminar on “Organic agriculture in developing countries - Quality management along organic agri-value chains: production, post-harvest technology, processing, marketing and tradeUniversity of Kassel, Germany2016DAAD/Uni-Kassel
24.Prof. Hellen W. Kamiri66th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Short Course on Environmental Management for Developing and Emerging Countries – Soil and Land Resources at CIPSEM – Technische Universität Dresden,Technische Universität Dresden, Germany2015CIPSEM- UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB
25.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriAnnual project Workshop- ACP-EU Cooperation Programme in Higher Education (EDULINK-II-ValueSeC)Haramaya University Ethiopia2014EU-EDULINK II- VALUESec)
26.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriAnnual project Workshop-ACP-EU Cooperation Programme in Higher Education (EDULINK-II-ValueSeC)Humboldt University-Germany2016EU-EDULINK II- VALUESec)
27.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriEU-ACP project meeting in BrusselsBrussels Belgium2015
28.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriXVII International Plant Nutrition ColloquiumIstanbul, Turkey2013
29.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriDAAD Expert Seminar on Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Conflict Management in Trans-Boundary Mountainous ecosystemsMbale, Uganda2011DAAD
30.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriWorkshop on World Food System - A Contribution from Europe. Tropentag 2010Zurich, Switzerland2010Volkswagen Foundation/University of Bonn Germany- SWEA-II
31.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriWorkshop on International research on food security, natural resource management and rural development. Tropentag 2009Hamburg, Germany2009Volkswagen Foundation/University of Bonn Germany- SWEA-II
32.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriProfessional training on Disaster and Risk management, United Nations University (UNU)University of Bonn, Germany2010University of Bonn
33.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriCrop Modeling and simulation techniques using DSSAT V5University of Ghana ACCRA Ghana2005TSBF-CIAT
34.Prof. Hellen W. KamiriCrop Modeling and simulation techniques using DSSAT V4University of Dar el Salaam-Tanzania2004TSBF CIAT
35.Prof. Charles NgugiWorld Aquaculture ConferenceMontpellier, FrancePhysicalAugust 2018USAID
36.Prof. Charles NgugiGlobal Conference on Aquaculture Millennium +20Shanghai, P.R. ChinavirtualSep-21Self
37.Prof. Charles NgugiFish health Workshop organized by Stirling UniversityKisumu, KenyaPhysicalJan-22Msingi East Africa
38.Prof. Charles NgugiWorld Aquaculture Conference AFRAQ21Alexandria, EgyptPhysicalMar-22Msingi East Africa
39.Prof. Charles NgugiFAO Aquaculture Expert WorkshopKigali, RwandaPhysicalJun-22FAO, Rome
40.Prof. Charles NgugiFAO Tilapia Lake Virus Workshop (TiLV)Naivasha, KenyaPhysicalOct-22FAO, Rome
41.Prof. Charles NgugiFAO Private Sector Investment in Aquaculture WorkshopDar es Salaam, TanzaniaPhysicalNov-22FAO, Rome
42.Prof. Charles NgugiSecond East Africa Regional Aquaculture and Blue Economy ConferenceBondo, KenyaOnlineMar-23Gatsby Africa
43.Prof. Charles NgugiFAO Expert Workshop on Global Aquaculture Co-managementManila, PhilippinesPhysicalOct-23FAO, Rome
44.Prof. M. LokurukaAfrica Dairy ConferenceUgandaPhysical2015Self-sponsored
45.Prof. M. LokurukaTraining on advanced HR managementSouth AfricaPhysicalPublic Service Commission, (PSC) (GoK)
46.Prof. M. LokurukaCommonwealth Global Conference on HR Training and Management in the Public ServiceMalaysiaPhysical2017Commonwealth UK/GoK
47.Prof. M. LokurukaTraining course on HR ManagementAustraliaPhysical2018PSC, GoK
48.Prof. M. LokurukaTraining on Government and Public HR ManagementChinaPhysical2018PSC, GoK
49.Prof. M. LokurukaConference-collaboration interestPortugalVirtual2020Free
50.Pro. M. LokurukaPublic Lecture and Training host at KarUUSAVirtual2021Free
51.Prof. M. LokurukaPublic Lecture and Training host at KarUUSAVirtual2021Free
52.Prof. M. LokurukaInternational Conference and Conference Guest SpeakerGermanyPhysical2022Self and Humboldt University/Techical University of Berlin
53.Prof. M. LokurukaConference South-south CooperationAustriaVirtual2022UNDP/Food Futures
54.Prof. K. KiambatiConflict Prevention Training ScholarshipGhanaPhysical2018Sponsored
55.Prof. K. Kiambati21st century pedagogy trainingIsraelPhysical2018Sponsored
56.Prof. K. KiambatiVolkswagen Foundation scholarship trainingUgandaPhysical2019Sponsored
57.Prof. K. KiambatiISP and CDN scholarshipCanadaPhysical2019Sponsored
58.Prof. K. KiambatiDIES ProGrant ToT 2020 trainingGermanyVirtual2020Sponsored
59.Prof. K. KiambatiGrant Writing Proposal trainingSwedenVirtual2020Sponsored
60.Prof. K. KiambatiAfrican Leadership Institute fellowship trainingNigeriaVirtual2021Sponsored
61.Prof. K. KiambatiLeading Smart Policy Design Executive TrainingUSAVirtual2023Sponsored
62.Prof. K. KiambatiILO Certification programme for Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) trainers trainingItalyVirtual2023Sponsored
63.Prof. K. KiambatiNUFFIC, Icra – Making Education Work trainingThe NetherlandsPhysical2023Sponsored
64.Prof. K. KiambatiWomen in Africa 2nd Cohort of JAMII Femmes 2022 training and awardIvory CoastVirtual2023Sponsored
65.Mr. Paul KariukiInternational Conference- Intelligent Computing and Machine Learning (21cml)ChinaVirtual2023Self
66.Prof. Lucy NdegwaConferenceGhanaPhysical2011Maasai Mara University
67.Prof. Lucy NdegwaMonitoring & Evaluation CBM-SiBUgandaPhysical2017Publix International
68.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroVirtual Tour of mining infrastructureKazakhstanVirtual2021International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)
69.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroWorkshopsKazakhstanVirtual2020International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)
70.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroTraining CourseGermanyPhysical2023DAAD
71.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroFellowshipCzech RepublicPhysical2023International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
72.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroWorkshopAustriaPhysical2022International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
73.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroWorkshopTanzaniaPhysical2020International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)
74.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroWorkshopBotswanaPhysical2019International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)
75.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroFellowshipJapanPhysical2018Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
76.Dr. Jeremiah KebwaroTrainingChinaPhysical2012-2015Chinese Government(China Scholarship Council)
77.Dr. Michael GachahiTraining of trainers for the Developing Entrepreneurial Universities in Kenya (DePUK) ProgrammeGermany (Saarland University)Physical2019DAAD/Karatina University
78Dr. Everlyn AnduvareBibliometric & Research ImpactSummer School CanadaPhysical26-29 June 2023University of Western Ontario.
79Dr. Teresiah Ngonjo4 TH annual International Public Health ConferenceCairo EgyptVirtual2022Karatina University
80Mary Wandia KivataConference (ASTMH Annual Meeting)Maryland, USAPhysical/Virtual2019U.S. Army Medical Research Directorate-Africa
81Mary Wandia KivataConference (STI & HIV 2019 World Congress)Vancouver, CanadaPhysical2019U.S. Army Medical Research Directorate-Africa
82Mary Wandia KivataTraining (Working with Pathogen Genomes)Cape town, South AfricaPhysical2018U.S. Army Medical Research Directorate-Africa
83Cyrus M. KavweleTropical Biology Association-International short courseAntananarivo and Kiridy- MadagascarPhysicalNov-Dec 2015Tropical Biology Association & Cambridge University
84Cyrus M. KavweleStudent Conference on conservation Science (SCCS)Cambridge University, UKPhysicalMar-18Cambridge University
85Cyrus M. KavweleTraining on movement ecology in R programmeSwansea University, UKPhysicalMarch-April 2018Arcadia, Cambridge University, Rothschild Foundation
86Cyrus M. KavwelePhD in EcologyUniversity of Glasgow, UKOct 2019 -Oct 2023Lord Kevin/Adam smith Scholarship, University of Glasgow
87Cyrus M. Kavwele13th International Conference hosted by Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI)Arusha, TanzaniaPhysicalDec-21University of Glasgow
88Cyrus M. KavweleSmithsonian Institute Movement Ecology Special Group conferenceNew York, USAVirtualJul-22University of Glasgow/ Smithsonian Institute
89Cyrus M. KavweleBritish Ecological Society-Movement Ecology ConferenceUniversity of Glasgow, Glasgow, UKPhysicalSep-22Univrsity of Glasgow and British Ecological Society
90Cyrus M. Kavwele13th International Mammalogical CongressAnchorage, Alaska, USAVirtualJul-23University of Glasgow
91Dr. George Gatere NderituDeveloping diatoms biomonitoring framework for the Upper Tana River watershed in Central Kenya. An abstract presented during Society For Freshwater Science (SFS).USAVirtual23 to 27 May 2021Self
92Dr. George Gatere NderituUsing Biological Condition Gradient model to monitor ecological conditions and support environmental conservation in the Upper Tana River watershed in Kenya. An Abstract presented during Society For Freshwater Science (SFS)Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.Physical19 to 23 May 2019.The Nature Conservancy USA/ The Long Range Committee of USA’s SFS
93Dr. George Gatere NderituBuilding links between biomonitoring and environmental conservation decisions in the upper tana river watershed in Kenya. An Abstract presented during Society For Freshwater Science (SFS),.Detroit, MichiganPhysical20 to 24 May 2018The Nature Conservancy
94Dr. George Gatere NderituFounding Member, African Chapter, Society For Freshwater Scientists (USA):USAVirtualSince 2018-present:Self
95Dr. George Gatere NderituWaste Management During COVID-19 Pandemic (via Webinar). UNEP, Geneva.SwitzerlandVirtual18-Jun-20Free

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